We facilitate and manage the life-cycle of the business sale or acquisition process from the preliminary introduction to the final closing.  The PIV Group specializes in the following services to fit your business needs.


  • Business Valuations

  • Financial Analysis

  • Prospectus Packaging/Marketing

  • Negotiations

  • Oversight of the Due Diligence & Closing Process

  • Selective Matching of Sellers & Acquirers


Business Valuation & Financial Analysis

The PIV Group delivers a comprehensive valuation based on the assets that come with the business, its income, future value, and the current market value.  Using our tested and tried technique, we work hand in hand with you and your accountant to review your company's financials, operations and intangible assets.  After extensive research on both your company and industry, we create a customized report.  With our proven methods, your business will receive the most accurate valuation possible.

Prospectus Packaging/Marketing

The PIV Group offers its clients custom prospectus packaging and marketing solutions. The prospectus packaging provides investors the description of the company's business and the appropriate support documents.  The customized marketing solutions include custom direct mail and telemarketing campaigns to reach suitable buyers on your behalf, in addition to reaching suitors via our online mediums. 


The PIV Group negotiates business transactions between buyers and sellers based on knowledge, facts and industry trends.    Our experience allows us to shed practical light into the strategic, operational and financial affairs of each business in order to understand its value.  Having sold hundreds of businesses, we have mastered the art of negotiating to get our clients the maximum value for their enterprise.

Due Diligence & Closing

The PIV Group operates with transparency to make the due diligence period as seamless as possible.  Due diligence is the most critical stage in a business transaction and often where most deals unravel.  To ensure this stage goes smoothly, we administer and guide you through our custom and time sensitive due diligence checklist specific to the industry the business is in. This will make certain the process is conduced in a timely manner while ensuring transparency every step of the way.

Upon the completion of due diligence, the PIV Group will prepare or work with our client’s attorney to construct the Settlement Agreement and all other appropriate closing documents to allow for the successful transfer of the business.

Selective Matching

The PIV Group provides access to a trustworthy and selective network of both individual investors and private equity firms, who not only we have done business with us, but also meet our financial requirement.  We have a strong emphasis in finding the right buyer for the right seller and vice versa. That is why we match based on industry experience, personality, goals, location, exit & take over strategies, and financial capability based on vetted financial statements.